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AI for real estate

AI Powered Digital Toolkit for Real Estate Pros

Why A.I.?Generative Artificial Intelligence is more than just Chat-GPT. Our Virtual Design services are built on a library of over 50 million images of home interiors so that we can apply proven design principles to virtually stage your home. Or use A.I. to up your social media game and standardize your design outputs. Looking for a gift to welcome your clients to their new neighborhood? Welcome Home Kits are crafted using AI-assisted design elements built into Canva.

High design on a budget

AI-Powered Virtual Staging

High quality or quick turn-around? Why not both. Studio quality photos delivered in under 24 hrs. Are you looking to just declutter or a total redesign of a room? Show your client all the possibilities or just clean up the room.

Mid-Century ReModel

Generative AI technology can completely transform a room. Listing requirements of official photos can vary by website so we can fine-tune the changes.

<24hr Delivery

Most photos come back within a few hours. The latest? Within 24hrs. Guaranteed.

High Design. Low Prices.

1 photo = $19
3 photos = $49
Custom Package? = Lets talk.

1 photo. Up to 2 iterations.

We'll try to get it right the first time. If not? Lets fine-tune it.

Your Neighborhood Guide

Welcome Home Kit

Show your clients some love by gifting them a custome guide to their new neighborhood.

What Comes in the Neighborhood Guide?


An infographic for your new neighborhood. Receive a print-out and a high-quality digital copy of your new neighborhood hang-outs.

Interactive Google Map

Your own personal neighborhood guide; on Google Maps. Favorite your favorite spots to access them on the go.

Stay in the Know

Each map includes links to websites of local businesses. From there you can easily follow them on IG or via their newsletter.

Customized for Each Client

Each Welcome Home Kit will be fully customized to each address. Get expertly curated recommendations of fun places to go near you and find out whats going on in your neighborhood.

About Me

Why work with an "AI" Design Agency?

I've been completely engrossed by the latest trends in the Artificial Intelligence space and have been looking for a practical way to apply the technology. There is so much more to this space than just Chat-GPT, but there is also a lot of hype and noise to sift through.My goal here at RealGen AI Design Studio is to focus on 3 priorities…-Provide a consistent, high-quality deliverable.
-Be easy to transact and communicate with.
-Become a trusted partner. A part of your toolkit.
There are a lot of unknowns in the Generative A.I. space and it can be daunting to keep up with the latest news, much less how it applies to your business. Let me be your trusted technology partner to help you focus on what matters most. Have any questions about how A.I. can actually help your daily workflow? Lets talk.

oh so fresh

This website is in beta

Though we are under construction feedback is always welcome. What else would you like to do with A.I?

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